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i don't use this journal anymore bye
This entry is for [profile] shongkinamez who wanted to learn how to make gifs :D I'll keep it as a public entry in case it helps anyone else too. ^^

Well for this I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Windows 7, but I know it works exactly the same on a Mac since I used to have one. You must use the 32 bit version; you can't do it with the 64 bit.

The first step is to find a movie file that you want to make a gif out of. !!IMPORTANT!! FOR THIS TO WORK IN CS5, THE VIDEO HAS TO BE IN MP4 OR MOV FORMAT. I've never actually used it with mov, but I hear it works. I usually do mp4. AVI WILL NOT WORK. But don't worry; you can convert avi to mp4 easily! I use a program called "Any Video Converter" which works like a charm, but there are plenty of good converters out there for Windows and Mac. You can download Any Video Converter here [Windows only, I think.]

If you are using Photoshop CS4, avi will work just fine. I'm not sure about any versions of Photoshop that are earlier than that, but I think CS3 works with avi too.

After you have a mp4 [or mov] video in mind to use, it's time to open photoshop!

the rest is under the cut for screenshots )

and the finished product should be something like...

I hope that my instructions were clear! Please comment here with any questions! :3



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